Mission and Vision

OUR MISSION: Ross Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School places an emphasis on the classical tradition of educating the whole child. We encourage an appreciation for the universal principles of truth, justice, honesty and respect. We support a rigorous classical curriculum through which students engage in studies of great work over time. In pursuit of excellence, Ross Woodward focuses learning on that which is timeless and of lasting significance.

OUR VISION: We provide various forums for students to explore great works through a critical lens in order to become analytic thinkers who participate in substantive conversations to build a connection between the past, the present and the world of tomorrow.


About Us


Welcome from Our Principal


Dear Ross Woodward Parents and Students,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Ross Woodward Classical Studies Magnet School community. On behalf of the administrators, teachers, and staff, I would like to invite you to share our goals and our values as we continue to build upon academic strengthening between engaged students and invested professionals.


Our Curriculum


Our goal is to teach all students to think, critically and creatively. To this end, Ross Woodward teachers provide a relevant curriculum with active student learning goals for all our students. 


The Explorer's Way


All members of the Ross Woodward Community follow The Explorer’s Way: the four principles that guide our actions and lives as Ross Woodward Explorers:




We are a Paideia school. Paideia is the Greek word for the proper upbringing of children; it implies a school community that nurtures the ideal of a well-rounded individual. The philosophy and principles of the Paideia program are upheld by The National Paideia Center with whom we have worked in a collaborative partnership. 



Our Goals


• All students will learn to think critically and creatively. Ross Woodward teachers will provide relevant curriculum with active student learning goals for all students.


Student Body


Ross Woodward families hail from countries around the globe. Cultural exchange is an authentic and regular part of our students’ experience. We learn from one another and we also learn to consider multiple points of view about seemingly simple things, such as eating lunch, to the very large issues, such as governments and politics. We value and celebrate our diversity.