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Teachers, faculty and staff members: this is your latest news at Ross Woodward. 


All students are working on math fluency SMART goals.  Report card conferences are a good time to share these goals with parents and ask for help at home.  Below are the templates.  Feel free to edit as needed.



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Summer is almost here!

Help your students maintain all the reading gains they’ve made this year. Send them on their vacations with summer articles and question sets: 

K-12 Articles and Packets for Summer

Here are a few tips:

  • Summer reading should be accessible, so be sure to choose articles that are at your students’ levels. All the articles are on topics related to summer or other topics that might engage your students. You can let your students pick and choose the topics they are interested in, or simply print the entire packet.  
  • It is important that students are held accountable for their summer reading, so many teachers like to check in with former students at the beginning of the year or coordinate with next year’s teacher. You can feel free to include or not include the question sets for summer.

Happy Teaching!

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We have a great Socratic seminar series planned for May 26th. Check out our Achievement text selections:

  • Kindergarten: The Tortoise & The Hare
  • Grade 1: the Little Engine That Could
  • Grade 2: Amazing Grace
  • Grade 4: The Pursuit of Happiness
  • Grade 5: Iqbal & Malala: A Brave Boy and A Brave Girl from Pakistan and "Life Is" by Mother Teresa
  • Grade 6: Akeelah and The Bee
  • Grades 7/8: Basketball clip from Pursuit of Happiness
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The National Paideia Center is offering a professional learning series in North Carolina this July. To learn more, click here: julypaideiainstitutes

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This month we explore Core Value # 8, Achievement: We only accept quality work from ourselves and others and demonstrate a strong work ethic to accomplish our academic and career goals. 

We will plan for Schoolwide Seminar Day during GLMs the week of May 9th. Please find my seminar text recs here: ACHIEVEMENT-texts.pdf

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