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     Congratulations to our scholars in 8th grade! We are so very proud of you! We wish you all of the best that life has to offer. As you begin your next chapter in your life please remember that you will always be a part of the Ross Woodward School Family and we are always here for you.

     Take with you the strong bonds you have made and remember to always stay true to yourself! We will miss you all!!



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     Our students in Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 had their Step Up Ceremony and it was such a touching event! Our little ones sang their hearts out and their wasn't a dry eye in the house! They will now move on to Pre-K 4 and Kindergarten next year and we wish them well. Their free spirits and innocence always puts a smile on our faces!!


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     It was quite a delight to have the students from New Haven Academy assist the Ross Woodward School Community the other day! The children and staff had a wonderful time working with them and the staff was very impressed with how helpful and polite they were! 

     A big thank you to Mrs. Harris and the staff from New Haven Academy for Orchestrating this great event for our children!


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     We were delighted to partner with Red Skye Foundation last week to bring the students such a delightful morning! The children were able to meet and learn about service and therapy animals from the Red Skye Foundation. They were able to pet, brush and interact with these gentle animals and learn about the importance of their role in helping others! 

     The kids had such an enjoyable time we are looking forward to bringing them back again next year! 


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     A beautiful celebration was had by all at our wonderful Kindergarten Celebration! The show was amazing and we are so proud of our students and staff for putting on such an enjoyable performance! The best of luck to them in first grade next year!








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