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     Our students in grades Pre-K through 4 enjoyed a wonderful morning with Santa Claus! Santa read a story to them, lit our Magnet Tree and even gave every child a beautiful new book to take home. 

     It was a very magical day that everyone enjoyed!


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     We will be holding our second annual Sugar and Spice Celebration, Wednesday, December 20th from 4:15-5:30. This is one of the School Climate Committee's biggest events. Thank you to all those who have handed in their forms. Our event is now closed. We have reached our capacity and will not be taking any more forms for this event.

If you have received your confirmation slip you are all set for this event. There will be a sign-in sheet the night of the festivities. We will be decorating cookies, making literacy gingerbread crafts and a special visitor will be joining us is a red suit!



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     I am proud to announce that we now have Math Nooks at RW! The children now can visit both our Reading and Math nooks. Our math nooks are also age appropriate with numerous math manipulatives, hands-on math games and many other innovative activities to teach math and have fun in the process!

     Our A Wing students can be found at our "Cupcake Counting Cafe", while our B Wing students can enjoy our "Popping Products Place" and our Upstairs Wing will be working in our S'more Solving Station"

     The children have already begun to enjoy these fabulous new areas!

     A big Thank You to Walmart in Branford for giving us a grant to purchase all of the beautiful furniture and materials needed to make this a reality. We also would like to thank Joe's Paint Center and Floor Store in New Haven for the amazing rugs they gave us. Their generosity is greatly appreciated!


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     I am very excited to announce that we now have three beautiful Reading Nooks at RW! One is designed for our A Wing, "A Rainbow of Reading" one is designed for our B Wing " Reading is Magical" and one for our Upstairs Wing, " Blast Off Into Reading". 

     The nooks have been designed to encourage our students to have a love for reading. This is a cozy spot that a staff member can take a group of children to enjoy reading a book or engage in different literacy activities. 

     We also have an abundance of Magnet themed books to help reinforce our magnet units in each grade!

     A big thank you to Home Depot in East Haven and Orange, Lowe's in New Haven, Read To Grow and New Haven Reads along with staff, family and friends for their donations in making these nooks possible!



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