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    The 6th graders had an awesome time visiting Mystic Aquarium and learning about the Ecosystems of various animals as part of their Magnet Unit! The children were very engaged in learning and very well-behaved! This was a great experience for our young learners!



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     Our final celebration of Student of The Month was a beautiful tribute to all of our Explorers who have work so hard this year. They set an example for our school community on how to show leadership qualities and to follow the Explorer's Way. We are so proud of them and know they will continue to work hard and exhibit exemplar behavior!


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     Career Day is always one of the most exciting days at our school! It is a day for the younger children to dress up in their favorite profession and a day for our older children to begin to explore what they want to do in their futures!

     The entire school was so fortunate to engage with some phenomenal speakers and learn all about their careers!

     We want to thank Mrs. Chiliquinga for orchestrating this wonderful learning experience and to all of our volunteers and speakers for making this day so successful!



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     Our projects were just amazing at the Museum Night!!! The staff and students outdid themselves with so many outstanding presentations and reports! Your hard work and dedication this year speaks volumes! We are so proud of all of the children and adults in our building who work so hard to put education as a top priority!!!  A Job Well Done!!!


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          We had a wonderful night celebrating our great country and learning all about this fabulous nation we live in! A big thank you to the parents and staff for helping to make this evening so much fun with all of the fantastic outdoor activities and games! Our All-American Cook-Out was enjoyed by all, and a vision of Red, White and Blue made the evening even that more patriotic. Look for details in the near future for our upcoming events this Fall!



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