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The Hero’s Journey is a cycle that begins and ends in an ordinary world, but the quest passes through an unfamiliar, special world. Along the way are some key events.   Heroes exist in all walks of life, but all go through a transformative cycle. You leave your comfort zone and have an experience that changes you.  You recover and then you do it again.  What is the symbolic cave you fear to enter? What treasure do you seek?    

Grade 6 Explorers created this simulation of the Hero's Journey and taught their fellow Explorers about heroes from throughout history. 

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Today was the 7th and 8th Grade first time ever Student Showcase!

Students proudly presented their coached projects to fellow students and staff at Ross/Woodward on a variety of social, historical, and science-related topics! Projects will be available to be observed through 5pm today. Below you can find some of the wonderful projects that are on display in the Library Media Center. Please support our middle school by viewing their projects!!


Great job students!!

7/8 Team



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We celebrated the close of Marking Period III with Sixth Grade Scientific Thinking on display! Project topics ranged from Roman aqueducts to the effects of smoking to lava lamps. Bravo Explorer Scientists! Your inquiry, research, and experiments were top notch. Thank you for sharing your learning with the entire RWCSMS community.

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Invention Convention is back! The innovative thinking and creative problem-solving our Fourth Grade Explorers demonstrated this year is truly outstanding! The prototypes built by our Grade Four inventors showed mastery in mathematics, science, art, engineering and CREATIVITY! We loved having the opportunity to hear about the problems that matter to the children and seeing the inventive solutions they came up with tho address their needs. Bravo!



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What would a world void of exploration look like? What are the links between past, present, and future? Is all exploration beneficial? Sixth graders dove deep into these questions as they researched the discoveries and contributions of great explorers. Students wrote speeches, created displays and put together costumes in order to literally step into the shoes of their research subjects. Visitors to the Wax Museum brought the wax figures to life by the push of a button.  After listening to the informational speeches at each display, we can conclude that the world we live in is ever changing. Our lives have been shaped by explorations of the past and will be affected by the discoveries of tomorrow. Bravo 6th Grade Explorers!

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