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As Seventh Grade Explorers study the history and cultures of Ancient Civilizations in the library and the classroom, they draw upon Ancient Egypt for inspiration in the art studio. Mr. Flynn has been taking his students through an archeological exploration of hieroglyphics, sarcophagi, and the wonders of Egyptian art.  Seventh Grade Explorers have created an installation that transports us right back to the banks of the Nile. 

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Where do animals go in winter? Some animals migrate. Some animals hibernate. Some animals live in polar regions. Pre-K 4 Explorers in Ms. Jonnie's class wrapped up an investigation of animals in winter by using recycled materials to create dioramas of animals in their winter habitats.  Check out this amazing upcycled Pre-K 4 installation!


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Explorers in Grades 4 through 8 have created a magnificent installation of artwork that honors Hispanic Heritage and some of the great traditions and artisits of Mexico.  Mr. Flynn shared the tradition of making sugar skulls to celebrate Dia de los Muertos and encouraged students to decorate skulls with partterns, designs and symbols that carried personal significance, as well as created beautiful compositions. Following in the footsteps of great Mexican painters, Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, students also developed their obserational skills and shading skills through their work on harvest still lives.

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