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National History Day makes history come alive for students by engaging them in the discovery of the historical, cultural and social experiences of the past. Through hands-on experiences and presentations, today’s kids are better able to inform the present and shape the future. This year’s NHD theme is Leadership and Legacy in History. 7th and 8th graders explored leaders throughout history and the legacies they left for us today. They shared their research and conclusions by building websites, producing documentary films and creating informative exhibits.

Click on the following links to view websites about Fidel Castro, Jackie Robinson and Abraham Lincoln:

fidel castro: power changes everything

jackie robinson #42

abraham lincoln

Click on the following thumbnails to view exhibits about George Washington, Sally Ride and Toussaint L'Ouverture:


Click on the following thumbnails to view a documentary film about Amelia Earhart and a presentation on Alice Paul:



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This year, 24 of our students in the 7th and 8th grades participated in Project for Awesome. This project addresses the essential question of "How does author's purpose or point of view help the author distinguish his or her position from that of others" by asking the students to take a stance or position on a certain charity and then challenging them to convince others to donate to the charity of their choice by making a video presentation that implores others to get involved. 


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Pre-K 4 Explorers used all that they learned about their communities and the importance of good citizenship to create these amazing models of community buildings. Each student presented their project by speaking about the building they chose to make, the materials they used, and the family members who supported them. This dynamic art installation made of recycled materials is currently on display in the A wing.

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Aboriginal art is made by the indigenous peoples of Australia. It is also created in collaborations between indigenous Australians and others. Aboriginal Art includes a wide range of media, such as paintings on leaves, wood carvings, rock sculpting, ceremonial clothing, and sand painting. Most Aboriginal art depicts and celebrates the natural habitat and animals that surround these people. This form of art is well known for the use of colorful patterns and lines of design. Seventh and Eighth Grade Explorers have created works in the spirit and style of the great Aboriginal artists. Please visit the exhibit on the first-floor C Wing Hallway.

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How are people around the world alike and different? How does culture influence the stories we tell? First Grade Explorers have been studying the art, food, songs, stories, and traditions of culture from around the world. We've come to understand that the world is a big place and there are similarities and differences between all of us. From writing letters and sending them with Flat Stanley to our family and friends, to celebrating winter holiday traditions, we're gaining a greater appreciation for how people live around the globe.  Please enjoy this exhibit of activities that encouraged us to learn about our own cultures as well as celebrate all the cultures of this great big world!

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